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Custom Interactive Viewbooks for Private Schools

Boost your digital strategy for student enrollment by engaging with prospective families early in their search for the right school.

Find out how an interactive viewbook can enhance your enrollment marketing strategy.

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“We have had nothing but positive feedback about our interactive viewbook. The valuable data we gathered from it about our prospects' main interests helped us further target our messaging at our open house.”
Kevin Altieri
VP for Enrollment Management
Fairfield College Preparatory School

Your school is unique. So are your prospects! Our interactive viewbooks serve up dynamic content based on your prospect’s chosen interests in your school.  These custom viewbooks deliver a “Choose Your Own Adventure” type experience that efficiently and immediately displays curated content to the visitor, driving them to take action.

Interactive viewbooks are brought to you by the talented design and development team at Graphic Details, Inc. We’ve worked closely with private schools since 2007, developing innovative, trackable digital products for admissions and advancement that inform and engage.   

Generate valuable data for enhanced prospect engagement.

The analytics generated from your viewbook visitors will help you better understand your prospects’ interests in your school. In turn, you can tailor your enrollment strategies to better meet their needs.

Create a sense of belonging early in their school search.

When you serve prospects with personalized content, you create an environment where they feel understood and connected with your school. They get a deeper understanding of what it’s like to be a student there, giving them a real sense of place even before they take a tour.

Create a flexible, engaging touch-point.

An interactive viewbook will enhance your outreach efforts at any stage of your admission strategy. Through relevant text, photos, statistics and video, you will create an immersive experience with tailored information that quickly moves prospects to the next step in your enrollment funnel.

Get quick insights on user engagement.

Our charts and graphs provide an efficient way to check on your viewbooks’ performance. In a glance, gather data on users and their chosen interests.

An example of a pie graph that shows different student interests based on a school’s custom viewbook.

Early in their search for the right school, show prospects how their specific interests align with your school.

An online viewbook serving up dynamic and relevant content can help your prospects feel understood and validated, prompting them further into your admission funnel.  

Different categories for students to choose from on a school’s custom viewbook created by Graphic Details.

Content is fully updatable through our content management system.

Make sure your message stays fresh and relevant by updating images, text, and videos at any time. Maintain an immersive experience with tailored information that quickly moves prospects to the next step in your funnel.
An example of Graphic Details’ content management system for a school’s interactive custom viewbook.

Help Parents & Students Discover Your Viewbook

Designing a viewbook is just the beginning. The next step is making sure your prospects can find it online. Optimizing for search engines like Google puts your viewbook on the map, and gets more eyes on your school.

We'll help you build a viewbook that's right for your budget and needs.

Essential Package

  • Discovery Session with Stakeholders
  • SEO Keyword Research
  • Web Design That Reflects Your Brand Standards
  • Responsive Website Development
  • Google Analytics with Monthly Reporting
  • Ongoing Site Maintenance

Premium Package

Everything in Essential, plus:

  • User Research with Parents and Students
  • 2 Months SEO Services
    • Keyword Research
    • Content Optimization Including Headers, Images and Copy
  • Outreach Report to Recommend Multi-channel Campaigns

Elite Package

Everything in Premium and Essential, plus:

  • Custom Analytics
  • 3 Months SEO Services
    • Complete Viewbook SEO Implementation
  • One-time SEO Audit and Metrics Report for School’s Main Website


Students seeking to transfer into grade 12 at Fairfield Prep should contact the Admissions Office at (203)254-4210 before submitting an application.